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Long ago, in the formative years of what is now the grey and grizzled brigade, our senses and imaginations were as strongly influenced by the wireless that sat on the sideboard dominating the room, as those of the younger generation are today by the television standing in the corner.

Take the sense of humour. Think of the greatest – the Goon Show. Their leaps of imagination, unexpected twists and turns of phrase and mind-bending mental pictures left us with a feeling for the ridiculous that would confound comics of today.

Why this editorial? Well, I had such an experience on-air the other day. It was a QSO with a mobile station. The operator was at work in a large timber warehouse. His IC706 rig was strapped to his fork lift truck as he stacked the loads around the place. For an aerial, he used a mobile whip fastened astern. I entered the lateral thinking mode. It took me by way of a dodgem car to a Sinclair C5, fully rigged, working from Hardy’ Monument. What could be the ultimately quirky mobile op’ Let me know. No prizes, just a mention.

Meanwhile; I hope you appreciate the monthly and ‘And Finally’ columns.



Tuesday April 4th  SDRS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  The one formal opportunity you have in a year to discuss the Club’s performance and make any suggestions for improvement. Please, all members, do your best to participate in this Occasion.

The Agenda for the meeting, together with the financial statement, and the minutes of the 1999 AGM, are enclosed with the Catswhiskers sent out to members.

Sunday 16th April -Yeovil ARC holds its annual QRP Convention at the Digby Hall, Sherborne.

Saturday 30th April – International Marconi Day. (Please see below for more details)

Tuesday 2nd May – SDRS Club Meeting.


Our Chairman, Mike, G0NEV, long ago gave notice that he would stand down from this office at the next AGM. Well, it is upon us. Our minds must now turn to appointing a replacement. Would you, dear reader/member, like to consider your name going forward? Or, is there a nominee you would like to promote to the office?

We are going to need a new Chairman, the last thing we need is apathy, so please come to the AGM with a positive idea of who you would like to take on this challenging appointment.


The results of the RSGB SSB Field Day have at last come into print. Club members who are associated with the RSGB will no doubt have studied the final table of results with some satisfaction and perhaps passed on the relevant information to those non-RSGB members. For those who have not yet had the result, we came in thirteenth place out of eighteen participating clubs within the UK and in the restricted section of the contest.

As this was our first entry in this contest, I believe we did quite well but we can certainly improve.

The winning club achieved a total of 354,500 points against our 57,675 points. Almost six points for each point we achieved. However the operators at G3GRS (the winners) were all top class ops with many years of experience and contests under their belts.

They accumulated 633 QSOs with 75 multipliers. G3GRS managed to get in 26 QSOs per hour against our 9.6 QSOs per hour.

Signal strength wise, we were compatible with G3GRS. Several times I deliberately requested true signal strength reading from other contestants to check our radiation pattern and from the reports received it seemed to be a good all-round signal, on the lower bands of course. Further to this I had confirmation from my old contesting partner G3IZD who was at the time on holiday in Portugal that our signal was indeed as good as any other station in the UK and better than most. So we knowthat our equipment, when working, was working well. This was backed up by the many far distant stations we have in the log.

We’re always looking for other people interested in what we’re doing! We find a lot of new members by playing at an online casino.

We had a few teething problems at the start with the generator and the FT101; further to this the TS850 required the occasional rest from overheating. Nevertheless I believe that all who took part enjoyed the occasion.

Well done to all members of the team and with luck another crack at the contest later this year will, no doubt, have our club call sign shown higher up the results table. It would however be a good idea for anyone interested in a re-run, including myself, to get together and discuss tactics.

It would also be a great advantage if we could have the use of an auto aerial tuning unit for the contest (providing simplicity with aerial tuning and rapid band changing) and a more reliable transceiver than my TS850. I hope to have a Laptop computer that will be a great asset in improving the logging procedure.

73 de Alex G3KKJ


It is the end of April this year, as the normal day would be Easter Saturday.

We intend to participate once again for the fourth time, and at the same New Barn Field Centre site at Bradford Peverell. For those who haven’t been there before, take a turning three miles outside Dorchester on the main Yeovil road, near an overhead railway bridge. The Grid Reference is 655922.

Mike, G0NEV, would appreciate knowing who will be there, and when; vitally important are helpers to help set up the equipment on Friday, and remove it on Sunday.

Carol, XYL of Robert G0RYL, is responsible for the catering and hospitality. Any contributions of food, snacks or money to buy same should go to Carol.

With everybody’s support IMD can be as successful and enjoyable this year as it has for the past three, so please turn up to join the festivities.


RadCom is the magazine of the Radio society of Great Britain, of which SDRS is an affiliated member. Over the years I have accumulated a large number but due to pressure of space, it is not possible for me to keep Radcoms for more than two complete previous years. What I intend to do is to extract the reviews of equipment and scrap the rest. Except for December’s, which contains the year’s index..

Newly arrived RadComs will in future find their way to the SDRS club meetings and thence to the shack of Neville, 2E1HFY, where they will be available for all those members to whom it is a kind of second hme! I hope members will find this a satisfactory solution: please protest if you think otherwise; they belong to the SDRS so it is reasonable to expect them to be available if wanted, but nobody has ever asked despite notices.

John, M0BQO


G4PRS TIMES – the March edition of Poole Radio Society’s newsletter.

YARC NEWS – the March edition of Yeovil Amateur Radio Club’s newsletter.

They will be available as usual at the next meeting.

Thank You

Nora (Dolly), Tony, Jan & family would like to thank all Bill’s radio friends for all kind offers of support, cards, letters & everyone for attending the funeral. also all the happy memories you wrote about him in the Cats whisker, they were all a great comfort to us. Jan will try to take her Novice exam.

Thank you all so much,



‘They’ being the pennies, and if we look after them, as the saying goes, the pounds will look after themselves.

The Club doesn’t just run on pennies though – it needs your subscription, so hopefully there will be a nice long queue ready to pay up to the treasurer after the AGM.

Let’s hear those piggy banks breaking open !

AND FINALLY – more of life’s little ironies
A notice spotted at a press reception for the merger between telephone giants Vodafone and Mannesmann