Happy New Year  to all members, friends and readers !

Well here’s another Catswhisker but shorter than usual because there was only a short period for producing it after the last edition. (Actually it’s even shorter here on the Internet as Mike, G0NEV lost the floppy disk with the text on it! – Geoff)

You might care to consider this however: if in this new millennium  (Ah, but is it a new millennium or did we get it wrong- Geoff) we are going to be able to watch over 200 TV channels, select a film from an on-cable library of over 100,000, do all our shopping from home, listen to superb hi-fi digital radio (“The ear can’t hear as high as that – still it should please any passing bat”) and get even more information into the bargain – there will still only be 24 hours in a day so will we have the time to do anything else? What use will video recorders be if we can’t spare the time tomorrow?

And, once our couch-potato society accepts that we are too tired to do sport (though we will beat the world in the Computer Olympics), what will they turn to?

Perhaps Amateur Radio and such hobbies for those whose minds need a challenge and a sense of purpose?

To all members, friends and readers – have a prosperous New Year and please keep those contributions rolling in for Catswhisker or there may not be one!

John, M0BQQ